Product Digitization

Empower your brand with a powerful Digital ID data management solution and build trusted communities, regardless of your business size, industry, or product types.


  • Fashion
  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food
  • Wellness
  • Wine and Beverage

Scalable and Agnostic

  • Solutions for all product types
  • Scalable for small and large companies
  • QR Codes, RIFD, NFC and other ID technology compatible
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Multi-Factor Product Authentication Realized

Brand Protection

Brand Protection Analytics

Real-time incident reporting and analytics that provide actionable data

Brand Protection Authentication

Real-time authentication via mobile or web interface.


Our brand protection mobile app and analytics dashboards use advanced technology to alert brands to counterfeiters and gray market diversions. Leverage the power of unique item identification and our patented covert watermark.


  • Fast and secure product authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Item Level event and time-based alerts
  • QR Code, NFC, RFID and more media types supported
  • Machine-readable Watermark

Digital IDs

Item level Authenticated products enable recycle and reselling opportunities. Giving your products a second and even third life.

Event Tracking

Real-time events on a global scale, providing brand protection teams with insights to act swiftly and directly against marketplace threats.

Crowd Sourced

Leverage each impression made by consumers and identify in-market incidents.

GDPR, PIPL and CCPA privacy compliant

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How It Works

Use In Moment Marketing™ To Your Advantage

Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement Analytics

Where, When, What your consumers are engaging with your brands product

Campaigns Dashboard

Engage consumers with more personalized experiences. Drive sales through localized content.

Responsive Landing Pages

Design landing pages and Digital Product Passports for your brand and products.


Get a direct communication channel between your brand and your customers, build stronger relationships, understand consumer behavior, and stand out from competitors.


  • Digital Product Passport and Digital Product Labels
  • Product and Print Material Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Micro-site and Landing page builder
  • Customized QR codes for your Brand
  • Consumer Impressions analytics

In Moment MarketingTM

Personalized offers for consumers using real-time information to provide the best offer for a consumer.


Localize your content, build communities. Capture new loyalty signups, share product information and promotions and more.

Marketplace Analytics

Pinpoint new and expand in existing markets with real-time first party consumer data.

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How It Works

Gain end-to-end real-time visibility of your products.

Supply Chain Visibility

Device Dashboard

Device Licensing

Facility Information


Our supply chain scanning applications and SaaS reports put you in control of product manufacturing, and inventory movement through your supply chain.


  • Material traceability
  • Product manufacturing status tracking
  • Quality and packing alerts to end users
  • Full control of factory devices and lines
  • Zebra and Honeywell ready applications

Material Traceability

Visibility from end-to-end of the manufacturing lifecycle. Connect Digital IDs with data from farm to marketplace. Transparency is no longer an option.

Status Alerts

Alerts to inform your teams of potential issues with delivery or quality issues which impact revenue.

Facility Analytics

Know your vendors operations and make decisions based on data collected and KPIs.

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How It Works

Partner and Integration Marketplace

Enhanced capabilities and interoperability for your products. Extend and connect with our partners or with your existing to get the most out of your connected products.

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Sustainability | Certifications
Supply Chain | Traceability
Blockchain | NFT
Logistics | WMS
Virtual Fitting | Stores
Product Information Systems

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