Our Solutions


Access real-time insights around your suppliers. Track what materials are being used to make your products, and where your products are being made, to ensure your supply chain operations are in line with your company's sustainability standards.


Equipped with the data you need for full transparency, share the sustainability story for each product you sell. Track and report progress so customers know you're operating in line with your values statements, and build consumer trust. 


The final step before a new beginning.  Track which materials are recycled and used in the production of future products, so you can accurately report on circularity metrics. 


Consumers can give a second life to a product. With resale on the rise, brands environmental impact can be reduced. Educate consumers on the ways they can give gently-worn clothes a second chance.


Our Sustainability Module provides you with the data you need to make sustainability claims, tracks your business against globally-recognized certification programs, and ensures your suppliers operate according to your sustainability goals.

Supply Chain Visibility

Our Supply Chain Visibility Module increases transparency throughout your supply chain operations, ensuring accuracy during production, alerting you to delays, and reducing mispacks by more than 80%.

Brand Protection

Our Brand Protection Module stops counterfeiting via instant authentication, identifies the location of the counterfeiting production and the source of diversion, and catches, on average, $38 million in product seizures per $1 billion of revenue.

Consumer Engagement

Our Consumer Engagement Module provides specific customer insights and reduces cost of customer acquisition while increasing sales, units per transaction, and total shopping cart value. By following best practices, you can increase consumer engagement up to 700% and website conversion up to 200%.

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