Elevate Your Products

Product Digitization Cloud, helping brands ensure the authenticity, accuracy, and recyclability of their products, giving consumers peace of mind and building trust.

Product Traceability

Real-time actionable data to Identify and mitigate supply chain risk, improve sustainability, build trust with consumers.

In Moment Marketing™

Instantly deliver product information, care instructions, Digital Product Passport and build first-party relationships with consumers.

Brand Protection

Rapidly respond to counterfeiting or diversion incidents with product authentication to maintain brand integrity

What can the digitization of products do?

Digital IDs for your products can help your business grow and operate efficiently. Real-time actionable data can help communicate with consumers and maintain a course to a more sustainable future.

Intuitive Solution

Our SaaS ecosystem provides you with end-to-end visibility into every aspect of your supply chain. Acquire essential insights to help you guarantee authenticity, control gray-market diversions, and more.

Our SaaS products are designed for today’s changing digital world

Brand Protection

Brand and consumer product authentication provides key actionable data points to combat counterfeiters and product diversion.

Supply Chain Visibility

A data-driven approach to managing products lifecycle by creating digital profiles and tracking their events.

Consumer Engagement

Make vital product information, care instructions, and brand stories accessible and engaging through your products, which are your brand’s most powerful touchpoints.

Use In Moment Marketing™ To Your Advantage

Consumer Engagement

With Digital Product Passport and other consumer transparency legislation, Brands can create powerful guest experiences that drive engagement and loyalty. Our Consumer Engagement studio is proven to boost sales, while gaining relevant real-time data about customer interactions to improve your products and marketing strategies.

Protect Your Products And Your Brand

Brand Protection

Explore a multi-layer brand protection technology, including our item-level unique identification, crowd-sourced scan data, and covert watermark to protect your brand from counterfeiting and gray market diversion using our Brand Protection mobile application and Analytics dashboards.

Get real-time facility data

Supply Chain Visibility

Map your global facility locations and gain insight into production throughput in real-time. With unprecedented visibility into factory activities and inventory movements, you can streamline operations, improve planning for product demand, and anticipate delivery delays to your retail customers.

How Do We Affect
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Our partners see exactly how their products are being distributed through the market and where the biggest threats are occurring, all through the use of our dynamic product digitization platform. Our patented technology is here to make your life easier in today’s complex digital world.

Unique Products

With our patented technology (8,872,622 & 10,990,779) and wide range of features, we will elevate your products to greater success in today’s digital world.

Event Tracking

We track every step of your product’s life-cycle, and our data has been used to win international court cases against counterfeiters and organized gray-markets.

Trusted Brand

At Vi3, we’ve been digitizing products for over a decade for brands of all sizes. Our SaaS software is developed by a U.S. based team, and we work closely with you to ensure your brand’s success.

Own Your Data

At Vi3, we trust that you will be the one to make the best decisions for your company. That’s why you not only have access to, but you own your data. We empower you to take action by providing insight and unparalleled visibility into your sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and returns process.

Technology Pioneers

Vi3’s founders led the development and early industrialization of the Data Matrix 2D barcode, which allows for unit level identification and dramatically transformed the way that products are labeled, tracked and traced – opening up doors to new efficiencies and global visibility for manufacturers.

Trusted Advisors

As leaders in the data intelligence field, our team of experienced advisors wants to work with you to find the best solution for your company’s unique pain points. We’ll tailor our recommendations to your needs, so you’re focusing your valuable time and energy on the tools you need, and not the ones you don’t.

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