Get real-time data for tracking each of your products, no matter where they are in the world. From manufacturing to consumer, our suite of tools provides supply chain visibility, marketplace management, and tools for consumer engagement.
Sustainability. Supply Chain Visibility. BRand Protection. Consumer Engagement

Our Solutions

1000000000 +
Unique IDs Managed

Offering End-to-End Product Life Cycle Traceability

Incorporate Vi3 Technology

Start by integrating Vi3’s hyper-unique identifiers on products and packaging.

Supplier Tracking

Trace materials from each of your tiered suppliers to their respective factories, with Sustainability.

Manufacturing Visibility

Track factory production with our Factory Floor system, also part of Supply Chain Visibility, and maintain better inventory visibility and management.

Marketplace management

Ensure distribution runs smoothly and only through approved channels with our Brand Protection tool. Combat potential counterfeits, and gain insights throughout your sales channels.

Consumer Engagement

Enhance your omni-channel marketing strategy by using Vi3-tagged products to connect your consumer to helpful product information and relevant cross-sales at the point of sale. 

Post-sale Circularity

Utilize Vi3’s consumer engagement tools to promote recycling and reuse programs.


We are here to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’ve recently decided to hone in on sustainability, or want to have a more ethical supply chain, we’re here to ensure you know exactly what’s going into your products and where they’re coming from.

CLIENT Feedback

What our customers are saying

“Vi3 provides a holistic approach to brand protection delivering transparency, authenticity and accountability throughout our organization and markets.”
Jessica Murray
Senior Directory - Brand Protection & CSR, TOMS
"Vi3 has been great for TOMS, it provides us a brand protection tool that supports our supply chain, allowing us to remain authentic to our products and our mission"
Jim Alling
Chief Executive Office, TOMS
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