Supply Chain Visibility

Our Supply Chain Visibility module allows you access to the real-time data you need to track your products from factory to distribution centers and beyond—allowing you to make smarter decisions around operations & logistics, supply chain integrity, licensee management, quality and returns. Take control of your supply chain and inventory, so you never have to be left guessing if you’ll have what you need when the time comes.

You should use this module if:

  • You have a challenge with 3rd party suppliers delivering on time and in full orders
  • 3rd party suppliers are sending mispacked items
  • You need to make quick adjustments to orders
Why Sustainability is a sustainable investment, even amidst uncertainty

Amidst talk of a global recession, businesses contemplate where they can cut spending. We go into why businesses who continue to prioritize sustainability and transparency will be better primed coming away from an economic downturn.

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Certification Greenwashing

Corporate responsibility around sustainability claims often relies on third-party validation and authentication. Find out why greenwashing at this level is particularly harmful, and how to combat it.

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Fast & Forward: Footwear and Sustainability

The footwear is an over $300 billion industry—with its own, specific sustainability issues to tackle. Find out how footwear brands can find better solutions in our latest article.

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Extending Your Value Chain

With secondhand clothing sales at an all-time high, brands are looking to in-house solutions to capitalize on demand.

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How Data Will Help Protect You Against Greenwashing

In our latest article, we explore what Greenwashing means in today’s accountability culture, and how to save your business from performative sustainability measures.

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Technology, Fashion, & Supply Chains in 2022

A lot of talk about tech and fashion are geared towards the consumer—learn more about technology to boost supply chain visibility and build brand loyalty, from end to end of your value chain.

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