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Own Your Data

At Vi3, we trust that you will be the one to make the best decisions for your company. That’s why you not only have access to, but you own your data. We empower you to take action by providing insight and unparalleled visibility into your sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and returns process.

As leaders in the data intelligence field, our team of experienced advisors wants to work with you to find the best solution for your company’s unique pain points. We’ll tailor our recommendations to your needs, so you’re focusing your valuable time and energy on the tools you need, and not the ones you don’t.

Trusted Advisors

Carbon Neutral Blockchain

If you’re thinking about employing a blockchain solution for your supply chain issues, it’s important to know not all blockchains are created equally. Vi3’s blockchain is not only private, ensuring only you have access to your data, but is also carbon neutral—an impressive feat in the world of blockchain technology.

 We provide tracking data against multiple globally-recognized certifications, like the Global Organic Standard and Forest Stewardship, providing you with the clear insight you need to measure up against requirements. We offer the ability to know your supplier base, their certifications and materials, all in one location. Invest in end-to-end supply chain traceability that aligns with the three pillars of a sustainable company—economic, environmental, and social. 

Initiative Tracking

Pioneers in the Field

Vi3’s founders led the development and early industrialization of the Data Matrix 2D barcode, which allows for unit level identification and dramatically transformed the way that products are labeled, tracked and traced – opening up doors to new efficiencies and global visibility for manufacturers.

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