Consumer Engagement

Our Consumer Engagement Module allows you to market directly to consumers, via your own products at the point of sale. Build customer loyalty and identify helpful consumer trends by communicating safely, securely, and directly with individual consumers, no third-party intervention needed. The tools in this module give you the ability to engage with consumers around the world, empowering them through product knowledge around product safety and recalls, sustainability, product design, and more.

You should use this module if:
  • You are planning or executing an omni-channel marketing strategy, including retail
  • Personalized offers and messaging is important for your brand
  • You are seeking a lower cost per touch for consumer engagement
  • You want to use a QR code as a design element
By the Numbers: The Business Case for Personalization

Personalization is key in today’s marketing world. Learn how much personalized insights can fuel your business’ growth.

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Don’t Sleep on Gen Z: How Luxury is Attracting the New Consumer

As today’s rising generation of consumer’s build wealth of their own, their purchasing power builds as well. Learn more about how luxury houses are pulling in the latest generation, and honing their efforts based on their priorities.

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Infographic: Tech and Fashion in 2022

Learn how to tackle the supply chain and consumer issues plaguing your business in our latest infographic.

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Meet the Vi3 Modules

Learn more about Vi3’s suite of tools, with our latest downloadable infographic.

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5 Steps to a More Personalized Customer Experience

Want to learn more about personalizing your customer experience? Here are five easy tips to get you started.

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Utilizing Consumer Data to Personalize Marketing Will Yield Better Results

The majority of consumers expect a personalized shopping experience. Learn more about why you should leverage consumer data in our latest article.

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