Consumer Engagement

Unlock an interactive communication channel that allows brands to connect with consumers, build deeper customer relationships, gain insights into consumer behavior, and differentiate the brand from competitors.

In Moment Marketing

Deliver an engaging and personalized customer experience by selecting a link or scanning products with smartphone, no app required, tracking impressions across time and location, and delivering product transparency with contextually relevant experiences.


Personalized offers for consumers leveraging real-time consumer information.


Brand loyalty, product awareness while building consumer profiles to better engage


Sales/conversions from impressions by providing consumers with personalized content

Create Dynamic Experiences

Engage with consumers directly as a brand with dynamic messaging. Provide access to product information, warranty instructions, coupons and more.  

  • In Moment Marketing

    Personalized offers for consumers using real-time information to provide the best offer for a consumer.

  • Product and Packaging

    Capture new loyalty signups, share product information and promotions, warranty registration and many more opportunities to connect with consumers

  • Digital and Print Marketing

    Leverage dynamic messaging capabilities for traditional and digital marketing channels.

  • Marketplace Analytics

    Pinpoint new and expand in existing markets with real-time first party consumer data.

consumer engagement

Marketing and Product Teams

Marketing and Product teams can leverage the same tools to drive a true omni-channel marketing strategy.

By model, collection or many other product metadata attributes to enable products and packaging to become an interactive touch point.

Enhance traditional marketing materials with dynamic links.

Whether it is on the exhibit floor as a banner or through other forms of multi-media, give visitors dynamic experiences

Why Vi3

Speed to Market

Build experiences in minutes, not days or weeks. Modify offer at anytime.

No Coding Needed

No IT resources needed


Simple or Advanced logic builder to deliver dynamic experiences.

Consumer Insights

Leverage consumer data to inform your brand and marketing strategies.


Collect and share data from the full product lifecycle to enhance transparency, creating a connection between your products, customers and organization initiatives.


Industry leader, keeping security for consumers and your brands first. GDPR Compliant.

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